Starbucks to provide free college education to thousands of workers | New York Times

My preference for coffee intake is to patronize small, mom-and-pop coffeehouses, although a coffee-lover can’t help but walk into a Starbucks from time to time. So, good on Starbucks for paying college tuition for their workers. That’s a step up for everyone.

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Trouble is brewing for the coffee industry |

Oh nooooo!

Leaf rust is devastating Central American farmers, affecting 50 percent of crops, and ruining millions of bags of coffee.

If you made yourself a nice cup of coffee this morning, you likely didn’t stop to wonder about how secure the coffee supply chain is. It’s easy to take coffee for granted, as it’s so readily available. The reality, however, is that the coffee industry in Central America is in turmoil. Coffee growers are experiencing the worst epidemic of coffee leaf rust, or ‘roya,’ that they’ve seen since this disease was first discovered in 1976.

Leaf rust is a fungal pathogen that infects coffee plants and causes them to shed their leaves. This inhibits photosynthesis and the plants die. It also prevents the current season’s berries from ripening and lowers carbohydrate accumulation in roots and shoots, which is where the next season’s berries are supposed to grow. Eventually, rust can kill the entire tree, setting a farmer back by 2 to 6 years, which is how long it takes for a replacement tree to grow harvestable fruit.

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Coffee IV – STAT!


Spotted this in the local Trader Joe’s. I immediately wonder: 1) can a person run a line, invert the bottle and have an IV coffee drip?; and 2) what would it be like to crack open one of these bad boys and tip one back? Either way, might be worth a try!




Yep, this is about right


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‘Wake and bake’ drink out in July in Washington state


Well, this is something different. “I’m a little bit coffee, you’re a little bit weed.”

Your morning joe just got a little more Mary Jane.

Marijuana coffee is coming to the state of Washington, and the product is promising consumers a caffeinated buzz. The cold-brewed cannibis-infused coffee, called Legal, is expected to hit the market in early July, product developer Adam Stites told The Huffington Post on Monday.

“It’s an alert, creative high,” he said. Here’s more.

Here’s another story about the new drink:

“Seattle Summer Just Got Infinitely More Chill With ‘Legal’ Brand Pot Infused Cold Brew & Soda” | Seattle Weekly

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The Art of Giving Gala


In celebration of our 60th anniversary, Down East is partnering with 6 Maine artists to raise $60,000 for 6 Maine charities.JOIN US FOR OUR LARGEST FUNDRAISING EVENT EVERThursday, August 14, 20145:30-9:00 p.m.The Portland Company Marine ComplexPlentiful hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine and cocktailsSpecial performance by Gunther BrownTHE ART OF GIVING FEATURED ARTISTSAlex Katz, Angela Adams, Barbara Ernst Prey, Eric Hopkins, William Wegman and an up-and-coming artist from Maine College of Art. Admission ticket includes: hors’ d’oeuvres, beer, wine, and cocktails. Each admission ticket can be exchanged at the event for one (1) Art of Giving raffle ticket entitling you to a chance to win the featured artists’ work. (No more than 1000 tickets will be sold)

There’s more.


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Coffeehouse observation No. 359 – Nothing like a smile

A smile and a “Hi” from a beautiful woman at the coffeehouse can make a guy’s day. Just sayin’.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 358 – Howdy pard’

This doesn’t happen often. Well, I’m not sure that it has ever happened. But a guy just walked in wearing spurs. … And, yes, he was wearing boots, jeans and a shirt, too, not just spurs. It was the spurs that were different for the coffeehouse. And, of course, he left in a pickup with country music blaring and a window sticker reading “Life is short. Ride hard.”

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Heard in a coffeehouse

“It’s not rocket science, it’s  coffee.”

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Coffee is the prescription

Coffee is the prescription

Need we say more. Always follow your doctor’s orders.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 357 – ‘To make a long story longer …’

There’s nothing short about a story that takes 45 minutes to tell, no matter how many times you say “to make a long story short.” Nothing.

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Welcome to the Coffee Bust (Yes, Another One) (Wall Street Journal)

You gotta love lower prices on coffee beans!


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Coffee from an elephant’s gut fills a $50 cup | The Associated Press

I like coffee — a lot — but …

Coffee from an elephant’s gut fills a $50 cup | The Associated Press

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Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like | The Atlantic

Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like

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Coffeehouse observation No. 356 – Sunday coffee …

Sunday coffee. … And lots of it! At Empresso on the Miracle Mile in Stockton. … AC is off, though. Not so fun.

Go to Coffeehouse Observer for more coffeehouse observations.

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Food Network star host coffee showdown at five state fairs | The Milford Daily News

Food Network star host coffee showdown at five state fairs | The Milford Daily News

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That day is today! …

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Doh! Coffee is not for kids, apparently

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Empresso wins again!

Meant to post this the other day. The coffeehouse I frequent won a local prize as the best coffeehouse in the area. I believe they have won this at least one other time. Cool!

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Coffeehouse observation No. 355 – No AC? I’ll take my coffee hot

The AC is down at the coffeehouse today. That would be a death sentence in California’s Central Valley in the summertime, but there’s a breeze coming in from the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta that’s cooling things off just a bit. And they just cranked up some fans. It’s warm. Not particularly comfortable, but not bad, either.

Oh, and I ordered hot coffee, of course.

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