Coffeehouse observation No. 110

Some days even a Red Eye – coffee with two espresso shots – isn’t enough.


Coffeehouse observation No. 109

The words “free coffee” are almost as good as the words “free golf.” Not as good, but pretty good.

Coffeehouse observation No. 108

First-timers to the coffeehouse will wander around for a while looking for an electrical outlet to plug in the power cord to their computers to use the WiFi. Some of them will even trip over the extension cord while doing it.

Coffeehouse observation No. 107

How much do you have to love smoking to dig around in the ashtrays of the coffeehouse patio for cigarette butts? Revolting …

Coffeehouse observation No. 106

A young, bright, stylish couple is on the coffeehouse patio. She is online and glancing at a fashion magazine. He lit a cigar and is puffing away while also glancing at what I think may be another fashion magazine. To his credit, he is reading a story about Mr. Potatohead. … OK, so it may not be a fashion magazine.

Coffeehouse observation No. 105

A day just is not a day without coffee in your day. See, “day” used three times in a sentence of 12 words is a clear indicator that I should have had coffee … on this day.

Coffeehouse observation No. 104

Rain is coming down very, very hard! I’m happy for my medium Red Eye (coffee with two espresso shots). It’s helping me stay afloat, as it were. … Oh, wait! The clouds just broke up just a little bit and I can see blue sky!!

Coffeehouse observation No. 103

The Exotic Java barista wore a tiara because it was her birthday today. We all should have a reason to wear a tiara. … Um, I mean that figuratively, of course. I’m not sure I could pull of the tiara look, not with my beard.

Coffee giant Starbucks tackles green goals except one: Recycling |

SEATTLE, WA — From buying green power to reducing the amount of water it uses, Starbucks is on track to meet the majority of its long-term environmental goals, the coffee giant said Monday.

Starbucks made gains in green building, water and energy use, ethical sourcing and helping farmers reduce deforestation, the company said in its 2009 Global Responsibility Report. It lagged, however, in one high-profile area: recycling.

The company rated its progress on three recycling goals as “Needs improvement.” The goals involve developing a comprehensive recyclable cup by 2012, implementing front-of-store recycling in company-owned stores, and serving a quarter of beverage made in-store in reusable vessels, both by 2015.

“One of the significant challenges we’re facing is a wide variance in municipal recycling capabilities,” Starbucks said in the report. “This inconsistency makes it difficult for a company like ours, with more than 16,000 retail locations around the globe, to efficiently and effectively implement a recycling strategy.”

Click on the link for the rest of the story on

Coffeehouse observation No. 102

A guy sitting outside in the coffeehouse patio area is wearing black pants and black shoes and one white sock on his right foot. No sock on the other foot. It’s a fashion statement, I’m sure. I’m not entirely sure what kind of fashion statement, but a fashion statement nonetheless.

Coffeehouse observation No. 101

A Chihuahua in a tutu is still just a tiny little dog. There’s one on the sidewalk just outside the coffeehouse. People who dress up their dogs in human costumes should be provided mental health services. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong to dress up your dog or cat.

Coffeehouse observation No. 100

If you’re gonna drink coffee while using the coffeehouse WiFi, there is a great chance you’re gonna also come across some coffee-related stuff online. I came across a blog for Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Company in Sioux City, Iowa. I loved the name right away, but then I read the “About Us” and thought I would pass along that and links to Jumpy Monkey’s website and blog. Here’s the Jumpy Monkey About Us and the links are below.

This is where the real story of the Jumpy Monkey Coffee Roasting Company becomes not only interesting but truly exciting. In June of 2003, Jumpy Monkey was acquired by Opportunities Unlimited in Sioux City, Iowa. Opportunities Unlimited (“OU”) is a rehabilitation facility that provides services to individuals that have sustained a traumatic brain injury, taking them back into the main-stream of life. 

 Successful rehab rates throughout the ten year history of OU, have risen to points as high as fifty percent. OU is an organization that truly lives its mission statement of “Maximizing Personal Potential Through Dignified and Purposeful Living.” One of the many key factors in the rehabilitation process is our vocational services where clients are able to again become a part of the work force and earn a paycheck.

 Jumpy Monkey coffee roasting has become one of the key contracts serviced through the OU vocational area. In summation, with your purchase of Jumpy Monkey products, not only are you receiving a high quality, high value product, but you are also assisting in the employment of people with disabilities. Come pay us a visit, we would love to show you what we have to offer.

 Jumpy Monkey website:

Jumpy Monkey blog:

Caribou Coffee commits to 100% Rainforest Alliance certification |

Caribou Coffee commits to 100% Rainforest Alliance certification |

Coffeehouse observation No. 99

OK, this really isn’t one of my coffeehouse observation, but his came to me via a former co-worker and Facebook connection who happened to be in the same coffeehouse that I frequent. The guy he is commenting on is a bit, um, unusual. He frequently talks to himself, paces quite a bit – as the observation notes – and he does create some rather detailed pieces with ink on the reverse side of paper grocery bags. Trust me, we are not making fun of his challenges; however, one day I did witness him have an argument with himself … and lose.

“The schizo guy at this cafe is going to make it impossible for me to work here. He’s walking back and forth in front of me and by me, slowly and pointedly, waiting for me to look so he can shove another of his insane scrolls at me. …

“The scrolls are pseudo-magic spells or ancient writing, just gibberish with the occasional bit of legible profanity or some D&D word, like DARKAXE, then every once in awhile, a racial slur. All written on the inside of a paper grocery bag, cut and reassembled to resemble parchment.”

Topless coffee shop owner had run-in with arson suspect | Bangor Daily News

Topless shop owner had run-in with arson suspect – Bangor Daily News.

UPDATE: Suspect sought in topless coffee shop arson

UPDATE: Suspect sought in topless coffee shop arson | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

Warrant issued in topless coffee shop fire | Bangor Daily News

Coffeehouse observation No. 98

There are times at the coffeehouse all I hear is blah, blah, blah …!

Coffeehouse observation No. 97

The coffeehouse can be fairly crowded … even on a rainy Easter Sunday.

Coffeehouse observation No. 96

A woman, who I suspect has an attention deficit problem, plopped her laptop and a briefcase onto a table for two and then began working on stuff at another table across the room. She’s taking up space at two different tables in a crowded coffeehouse. Does she not see the inherent rudeness in that?