Coffeehouse observation No. 255

I am still recovering from the anguish that was yesterday’s game. The Jets team that was expected a month and half ago finally showed up in Foxborough … to play the Foxborough Community College Patriots. The Pats were awful yesterday – Brady throwing behind everyone and an INT, two dropped TD passes, fumbles, poor special teams play – and the team did not deserve to win. I will drown my sorrows in coffee! … When does spring training being?

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Coffeehouse observation No. 249

Coffee on a rainy morning and watching the Pats. Not a bad way to start a Sunday. I’ve been a Pats fan since I was 8. … And, yes, there was football when I was 8. … I started being a fan just about the time the Pats drafted Jim Plunkett.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 244

Watching the Patriots stomp the Chicago Bears. I would not have thought the first half would have gone quite like this.

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