Coffeehouse observation No. 219

I’m in the coffeehouse trying to put the finishing touches on a cover letter, but I’m hearing voices. … Well, actually, it’s the voice of the guy sitting behind me having an argument with himself … and losing. … Aw, Stockton, your list of characters would fill a phonebook.

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How Starbucks took the lead on LEED |

[You know me, I’m all about small, dark, personalized coffeehouses, not the chains. And perhaps the most pervasive among the chains, is Starbucks. But lately it has been doing some green things to make me at least ponder spending a few dollars at a Starbucks here and there. Here is a link to a story about Starbuck’s effort to be LEED certified. – KM]

How Starbucks Took the Lead on LEED |

Coffeehouse observation No. 218

I just spotted a guy wearing a Kinko’s apron walk into the coffeehouse. This is the fourth or fifth time this week that he’s been in here wearing the apron. I’m pretty sure doesn’t work at Kinko’s. He just likes wearing the apron.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 217

A great Dane just plopped down on the coffeehouse floor next to his owner and the owner’s toddler son. … Now it’s trying to be a lapdog. … Now the boy is climbing onto the great Dane and the dog is letting him. … Pretty much a gentle giant.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 216

It must be October. I woman walked in a little while ago and she was wearing a very bright orange – nearly DayGlo – top. And her hair was dyed to match. And then a short time later another woman with very bright orange hair came into the coffeehouse. See, October.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 215

Coffeehouse was busy earlier, mostly with people meeting friends or for a professional meeting or two. There was a lull after that, but now it’s busy again, this time mostly with college students meeting study partners.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 214

Apparently, comb-overs are really, really big at the coffeehouse early in the morning. … Not me, of course, but those other older, balding guys.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 213

Four college-age women just came into the coffeehouse like Paris Hilton and her entourage. … I’m wishing I was someplace else.

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10 café pickup tricks | via Yahoo News

By Margot Carmichael Lester

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in coffee houses. So why not make the most of it by trying these ways of getting a conversation started with that cute person ordering a cappuccino in front of you?

Click for Lester’s 10 tips.

Web Comic: 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Journalist

[OK, this really isn’t about coffee or tea, but I did read it in a  coffeehouse. That should count for something. — KM]

Web Comic: 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Journalist.

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Starbucks tests how coffee cups fare in NYC’s recycling stream |

[I like small coffeehouses over the chain places, but this story about Starbucks on is worth spreading around. Below are the first couple of paragraphs and a link to the rest of the story. – KM]

OAKLAND, CA — Starbucks is using New York City as a testing ground for recycling its ubiquitous coffee cups. If successful, it could mean the 3 billion cups it uses each year could go to recycling bins instead of landfills.

During a nine-week test, which started in mid-September and runs through November, 86 Starbucks locations in New York City will provide in-store recycling bins for cups and send them off to be recycled.

“We are testing the capability of the infrastructure to handle and accept our cups in the system,” said Jim Hanna, Starbucks’ director of environmental impact. Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) has a self-imposed goal to only provide reusable or recyclable cups by 2015.

Click to read the rest of the story by Jonathan Bardelline on



Coffeehouse observation No. 212

I’m in empresso coffeehouse and putting off deciding if I will stop procrastinating today.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 211

Love that feeling when I realize my drink card has been stamped often enough for a free coffee. Free coffee good!

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Coffeehouse observation No. 210

I’m caffeinated and I like it that way.

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Coffeehouse observation No. 209

I just spotted a guy a little while ago walking down the street outside the coffeehouse – white T-shirt, khaki shorts, black shoes, black socks … and DayGlo orange hunting cap. I should have expected something like this, I suppose. Oh, and now there is a guy sitting outside the coffeehouse wearing a T-shirt that reads “Antihero.” … I really need to get out of this town.

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