Something quick about ‘Coffeehouse Observer’

Beans of the gods!

Beans of the gods!

This blog is just for fun, so don’t take it too seriously and neither will I.

I spend a lot of time at coffeehouses – a lot of time.

I was laid off from work back in March 2009 and have been looking for employment ever since. Coffeehouses – and public libraries – offer me the best options for WiFi, which I use as part of my (thus far unsuccessful) job hunt.

Patronizing coffeehouses have an advantage over libraries – nectar of the gods. Coffee is my favorite beverage – after wine and beer, of course – and I fuel up at various coffeehouses in Stockton, Calif., while searching for employment opportunities and keeping in touch with my Facebook friends.

This blog is about the strange and poignant things I see while at these various coffeehouses. Some make me smile, some make me laugh, some just plain make me shake my head.

Pour yourself a java, a cup of joe, whatever and enjoy!

Oh, before I forget, I have another blog. That one is called Letters From Away and it is about my home state of Maine. Please visit it.

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