Doh! Coffee is not for kids, apparently

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Empresso wins again!

Meant to post this the other day. The coffeehouse I frequent won a local prize as the best coffeehouse in the area. I believe they have won this at least one other time. Cool!

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Coffeehouse observation No. 355 – No AC? I’ll take my coffee hot

The AC is down at the coffeehouse today. That would be a death sentence in California’s Central Valley in the summertime, but there’s a breeze coming in from the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta that’s cooling things off just a bit. And they just cranked up some fans. It’s warm. Not particularly comfortable, but not bad, either.

Oh, and I ordered hot coffee, of course.

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Coffeehouse observation 354 — Changing the world as we know it

Three, um, older women are having a loud conversation at the next table in the coffeehouse. They are sooo making Facebook something completely different.

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