Coffeehouse observation No. 104

Rain is coming down very, very hard! I’m happy for my medium Red Eye (coffee with two espresso shots). It’s helping me stay afloat, as it were. … Oh, wait! The clouds just broke up just a little bit and I can see blue sky!!


Coffeehouse observation No. 90

Beautiful weather out and the coffeehouse is pretty full. Usually, good weather scatters to the wind even the most loyal patrons.

Coffeehouse observation No. 80

I’ve written this before, but good, sunny weather really cuts down attendance at the coffeehouse.

Coffeehouse observation No. 79

It’s beautiful weather out, but the coffeehouse is crowded. I almost want to stand up and yell: “Run! Run! Go play outdoors!” … But, alas, the coffeehouse is in a theater and I don’t want to cause a panic.